by GatZilla (C-Gats&Zpu Zilla)



A deeply personal track about dealing with anger issues and finding peace within yourself. Also the first song from the next (yet to be titled) GatZilla album that is the follow up to 2013's "Attack on Titan"!


Some people only like.... to hear their own voice
I try to keep an open ear...that’s even when there’s no noise/
Reacting to an action without spazzin....that is your choice/
I am not about the drama...never childish i don't throw toys/
I keep it hold my inner demons/
It’s cold within my being...try to leave it peaceful in this winter season/
Don't try to heat up...i'm just kickin my feet up/
Chamomile in my tea cup...tryin not to give three fucks/
I swear its hard inside this little bubble/
People just make me feel uneasy...but i'm lonely that's the daily struggle/
No need for sympathy...i’m just keepin it real/
A man can speak about his feelings...maintaining a will of steel/
Put my life up on the line...when opportunities nil/
So i can say i gave my all while .....i was starvin’ for a meal/
No chill for the weary....or shame in being teary eyed/
Don't let the rain above.... or from within you make you fear the sky/

Oh no...with all the people we know
and all the streets that we’ve roamed
I don't think that we know
our own mind

Battle for supremacy....identifying enemies/
Impossible if i am not peace with my identity/
You’re lashing out...externalizing your doubt/
In search of a safe're takin' the murder route/
Burning bridges with your lettin’ the dragon out/
Tryin' to play the game of thrones...but you're smashing your own crown/
see the hatred that you feel inside.... directed at your mirror/
Only bounces off the you're never really healing/
And the pain that you’ve reflected.... makes it hard to get a feeling/
For the problem...cus you're never really facing all your fears/
So the lesson could be learned...but you chose to take a turn/
And now eternity’s ahead of you...your only gonna burn/
In this hell that you've created...never place it in an urn/
Because you honor all the can taste it in your words/
When you speak you usher hurt....only killin' off your friends/
Puttin' bodies in a hearse leavin' em... buried in the earth/


released March 17, 2017
Vocals: C-Gats
Produced/Mixed/Mastered: Zpu Zilla



all rights reserved