by C Gats



This one is for the fans. Just getting some thoughts out.


Freestyle Friday originator...who spit it greater/
An innovator who innovated...on inner patience/
Used to lose my temper...i demonstrated my bitter nature/
Channeled that through pages... so music is now my brutal agent/
Cruel and flagrant....i try to keep it on the level though/
These snakes among the garden gnomes ...are hard to catch i guard my toes/
I'm hot and cold...i'm both a solid and a liquid/
Get it twisted and they’ll find you... out your elemental visage/
On some bitch shit....opportunity knocking double fisted/
While your slippin...i’ll pop a couple of bottles on your biscuit nigga/
I'm chasin suc-cess....your just chasin these women nigga/
Difference from a prince and pauper...genius and simple niggas/
Tried to keep it civil but... you just made me the meanest nigga/
Loyalty, respect it was broken...turned me to cena nigga/
You made your bed i’m knockin you out the frame/
Takin lames outta the picture...leave everything else the same (yeah)/

Had to get it off my chest....that niggas keep sleepin/
Wide awake... but feelin like i'm dreamin/
Livin with my demons...nightmares/
Gotta keep breathin...lucid thoughts, i’m runnin through my feelin’s/

Sick of being... a human being treated as nothin/
Sick of being beaten and strugglin... through my circumference/
Every circle that i enter... i exit with less than nothin/
When i came i brought in nothin but substance... i ushered love in/
Am i really such a failin to pass the mathematics/
Rough around the edges...but always willing to move protractors/
I dont have an angle...just tryin to find the right tools to add with/
Multiply my wisdom...subtract you bastards dividing fam, shit/
Im just a product of... how my father was brought up/
So when niggas treat me odd...i'm just swallowing all my problems/
Regurgitating my’s honest, so i don't bother
to bottle up what i swallowed...i keep that honesty constant (uh)/
unselfish , hell spit...i've dealt with/
Crabs in a barrel...and i'm allergic to shellfish/
So try to move against me...i’ll leave your body where kelp is/
Just floatin with the sharks in the ocean...ain't no-one helpin/


released March 3, 2017
Vocals: C-Gats
Mixing/Mastering: Tac



all rights reserved